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CGN Special Feature

Update news for Planet Toulan of Entropia Universe
Included 8 March 2024

Just some interesting info on the 'Church of the Elder Gods Patch' for Version Update (vu) 23.4.1 for Planet Toulan.
Fixed issue with Repeatable Church of the Elder Gods Missions on Planet Toulan (Nawa Fragments and Aqeeq)
Visual Update to Elder Robes
Spelling and Text updates in quests/items
Fixed mission terminal in FNF
Adjusted location of healing area on Planet Toulan
Updated some discoveries in Item Descriptions


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Second Life the original Metaverse

Included 15 November 2023

Created in 2003 by Linden Lab founder Philip Rosedale, Second Life has evolved into one of the largest and most successful 3D virtual worlds, providing “residents'' the opportunity to enhance and augment their physical lives by connecting them to thousands of engaging and vibrant virtual environments and communities. Since inception, more than 73 million accounts have been created in Second Life, with around 750K monthly active users.
Today, Second Life provides a safe space for its residents to express their authentic selves. A thriving economy exists in Second Life: tens of thousands of creators around the world profit from selling millions of virtual items and services on Second Life’s marketplace, with more than 1.6M transactions within Second Life every day.
More >
Source: lindenlab.com

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THE MAKER OF WORLDS by Andrew Jenery
Included 1 May 2023

These are the first few paragraphs of the first chapter (Computer Generated) of THE MAKER OF WORLDS written by Andrew Jenery. Available on
Amazon, this thought provoking plot describes a huge artificially created world almost as real as the real one.

Computer Generated

John Flin reflects on his recent past and ponders the near possible future as he makes the move 'Bishop-e2' in a giant-sized 3D chess game in the grounds of a remote outpost on one of his virtual worlds. A moon called Hedra, Planet Ethlon's second natural satellite.
Although his once small but progressive enterprise, New Borders, had been doing fairly well over recent years, he hadn't considered it would become the household brand that it now was and certainly hadn't envisaged that it would become so heavily involved with cyberspace, even though the business had originally revolved around producing highly detailed and authentic replicas of computer generated models using then state-of-the art 3D printers. His persistent and ever progressive virtual worlds contained millions of them. There were so many computer generated models, that he could make almost as much by selling them all online as he would from one year's worth of subscription-fees from his entire player base of over three-million, albeit meaning having to put the game offline and shutting the servers down afterwards, which of course he knew he could never really do.
Still, he considers the interesting thought further whilst saving the chess game with a view to continuing it later, before leaving the outpost so as to take a stroll along the narrow, virtual dirt road going past it. By actually going into and playing the game every few days or so in the form of his own personal avatar that looked pretty much like any other in-game persona, he could see how the various game-play systems were performing for himself and also test for bugs and potential exploits that dishonest players could take advantage of that would adversely effect the game's economy. This was an ever increasing problem over the last eighteen months or so, with Stellar Frontiers itself having been introduced to the general public just over two years ago.

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Participant In Entropia by Andrew Jenery
Included 13 April 2023

This is the first chapter (Regeneration) of Participant In Entropia written by Andrew Jenery. Currently available on
Amazon, this interesting tale is based on the real-cash-economy mmo Entropia Universe.


I miraculously re-materialise next to the revive terminal just a few moments later, realising that the Argonaut Scout must have scored a critical hit on me. I ponder the point and the bizarre moment as I continue to stare almost in a daze at the giant pyramid throwing a beam of light up into the above. But surely this is Fort Argus, but now I'm not sure. So I did a quick check on the map of Planet Calypso's most populous land mass, Eudoria - and true enough, the indicator said I was certainly in Fort Argus.
Actually, I realize that I am standing just outside the main entrance and so decide to investigate this new landmark more closely. Pressing 'R' for 'Run' on the keyboard, I attempt to run around to the other side, thinking that there must be more to this pyramid than meets my virtual eye. Such as, and with any luck, an entrance.
Unfortunately, after a few split virtual seconds, I suddenly have to dodge quickly to my left due to a renegade herd of Exarosaurs that have decided to pay a visit. I recall that Exarosaurs often did this.
Exarosaurs are noisy, bad-mannered, clumsy, oaf-like, four-legged herbivores of various maturities and sizes, that can be found munching on grass all over Calypso and in astro-turfed domes on an asteroid in outer virtual space.
Luckily, they are busy with other citizens, which enables me to avert any real confrontation, and so I don't have to be cruel to animals. Then, coming to a halt, I see it. I am staring at what is in fact a bank!

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Dual Universe MMO
Included 25 January 2023

Dual Universe

Dual Universe by
NOVAQUARK is - and quoting directly from their website; a forward-thinking online game featuring a persistent and shared universe made with next-generation voxels. As a true precursor to the metaverse, the game world is fully editable, and the game experience is entirely driven by its players. Dual Universe is now available on PC on the official website and on Steam. Players can also enjoy the game on almost any computer via NVIDIA’s cloud-based platform GeForce NOW.
To find out more about Dual Universe, click
here >

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Star Atlas RCE Game
Included 8 November 2022

Star Atlas is one of the latest realistic 3D MMO games with a RCE (Real Cash Economy). Having had a good look at their site, as well as watching a few of their vids on YT, my initial impression was that it seems very good, but a crypto wallet is needed to sign-up to it and to actually play it.
The crypto wallet is used as an in-game inventory, instead of a more usual API, and the look-and-feel of the in-game graphics is very high-level. There's also an out-of-game market place for spacecraft and such.

The following is directly quoted from the Star Atlas website.

Star Atlas is a next-gen gaming metaverse emerging from the confluence of state-of-the-art blockchain, real-time graphics, multiplayer video game, and decentralized financial technologies. Real-time graphics technology using Unreal Engine 5’s Nanite allows for cinematic quality video game visuals. Blockchain technology using the Solana protocol establishes a largely serverless and secured gameplay experience.
Non-fungible tokens obtained and traded within Star Atlas create an economy that replicates the tangibility of real-world assets and ownership. To learn more, visit
StarAtlas.com, download the game demo on the Epic Game Store, join a faction at Play.StarAtlas.com.

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About Virtuverse RCE Game
Included 3 September 2022

Avatars in Virtuverse Gameplay action in Virtuverse
Source: virtuverse.io

Virtuverse is one of the latest real-cash economy (RCE) 3d mmorpgs that combines an intuitive economy system with realistic terrain and avatar graphics.

Direct quote from virtuverse.io

Unlike many other MMO's, Virtuverse does not have any class restrictions, so you can use any weapon or armour at any time. An immersive story will lead players to discover new lands and planets, while those who wish to seek their own adventures will be able to explore Virtuverse on their own or with friends.
In Virtuverse's economy, everything after the starting equipment is created or looted by players. An organic market with ever-shifting supply and demand will keep every player on their toes, and create opportunity for players to master the economy!

For full info including system requirements, plus how to download Virtuverse, visit the
home page.

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Port Atlantis in Entropia Universe
Included 4 August 2022

Location of Port Atlantis in Entropia Universe
Location of Port Atlantis
Port Atlantis is one of the main and certainly the most iconic hubbubs on Planet Calypso in the Entropia Universe, one of the longest running 3D mmorpgs.
Situated on the coast in south-west Eudoria on Planet Calypso, Port Atlantis is unmissable with it's gleaming white skyscrapers, helical tower and huge shopping mall with a landing pad on the roof sporting a teleporter and televator. Although not one of the starting areas for new arrivals of Planet Calypso; which are Camp Icarus and Half Moon Bay, Port Atlantis generally becomes regarded as home by most citizens of Calypso due to the sense of grounding and permanency that it gives. It's two teleport locations, one on the mall and the other near the centre, allows many colonists to arrive almost at once, and the

generous landing pad enables multiple aircraft and light spacecraft to descend and take-off at the same time.
At peak periods, one can often see say a couple of Sleipnir's and a Kraka coming into land as a Quad-Wing Interceptor shoots skyward to get to another Calypso location, or to get into space!
However, Port Atlantis is also a lot more than great eye-candy for aspiring architects. It is somewhere that Entropians can get a lot done due to three semi-enclosed, state-of-the art prefabs offering numerous trade terminals, repair machines, mini manufacturing plants and tailoring robots. Then there's the mall with four floors of shops and other points-of-sale where almost anything can be bought. Clothing, armour, weapons, aircraft, spacecraft, essential matters and minerals, plus much more. Last but not least, are the all-important Auctioneer and Technician NPCs (None Participating Characters) that are all over Entropia, not just Port Atlantis. Auctioneers allow colonists to access the vital auction system, through which everything available in Entropia can be bought and sold, whilst Technicians are how blueprints and other manufacturing items are acquired.

Entropia Universe, operated by
MindArk PE AB, is one of the first mmorpgs to have implemented a real cash economy (RCE), with it's in-game currency the PED (Project Entropia Dollar) linked to the US$ at a rate of 10-1.

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